I'm currently out of the studio until June 4, 2024. All orders placed while I'm away will be shipped as soon as I return. Thank you!!

Base Info

Lace Weight Bases:

Kid Silk: 1 ply 72% Kid Mohair, 28% Silk, 459 yd/50 gr


Fingering Weight Bases:

SW Targhee:  3 ply 90% sw Targhee, 10% Nylon 465 yds/115 gr

Non-superwash Merino: 4 ply, 100% Merino, 434 yards/115 gr

MCN: 3 ply, 80/10/10 sw Merino/Cashmere/Nylon, 414 yards/100 gr

(Discontinued) 75/25 sw Merino: 4 ply 75% sw Merino, 25% Nylon, 463 yds/100 gr

(Discontinued) SW Corriedale: 3 ply 75% sw Corriedale, 25% Nylon 434 yds/115 gr


Sport Weight Bases:

SW Targhee:  4 ply 90% sw Targhee, 10% Nylon 308 yds/100 gr

SW Merino: 3 ply 100% sw Merino, 328 yds/100 gr


DK Weight Bases:

High Twist DK: 3 ply 100% sw Merino, 280 yd/115 gr  *Even without nylon the twist makes this yarn great for socks, garments with cables or stitch patterns that you want to show off

Squishy DK: 4 ply 100% sw Merino, 231 yd/100 gr *Very soft! Perfect for garments, accessories, shawls and wraps. Great choice for colorwork.

Tweed DK: 4 ply 85% sw 15% Donegal Nep, 231 yd/100 gr *A lovely, soft yarn with tweedy bits that add texture and interest to your garments, wraps and socks!


Worsted Weight Bases:

Worsted Targhee: 3 ply 100% non-sw Targhee, 280 yd/115 gr


Bulky Bases:

Bulky: 3 ply 100% non-sw American Wool, 100 yds/115 gr