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Your favorite colors from my self-striping yarns are now available as full size tonal skeins!  

Tonals are available as dye-to-order, which means that you can choose your base and colors and get all the yardage you need for your project. 

Each tonal is part of a larger palette of colors that play well together so you can confidently create beautiful colorwork pieces - garments, shawls and other large accessories. Or keep your project to a single color, you have all the flexibility you need. 

I have organized the listings into families that begin with the Self-Striping colorway name and then the individual color name. I hope this help you easily find other colors in the family.

Mini sets will be available as ready-to-ship as available. Individual listings will describe total weight and yardage per set.

 I can't to see what you create!

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