2023 Advent Skein

2023 Advent Skein

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*** Please DO NOT combine Advents with any other items in your order. *** 

Any other products must be ordered separately.  Thank you!

At its heart, the Advent is a way to mark the days until a special event, often with a small surprise each day. The surprise in the Advent self-striping skein is a different color stripe for 24 days. 

Here's what I'm doing to ensure that your Advent is truly a surprise.  You will receive two identical 50 gram skeins, already caked up and hidden inside a canvas bag.  The two strings from the center pull balls will be peeking just outside the top of the bag so that you can cast on without ever looking inside! Just like last year, there will be a thin stripe between each color to let you know to stop knitting for the day if you don't want to see the next color.  

If you are counting down to Christmas, beginning December 1 you could knit one stripe a day until Christmas Eve without repeating any colors. If you would like to finish a project, like socks, for Christmas Day you may choose to knit 2-3 stripes a day, depending on the size being made...but you get the idea.

Advents are available on my sw Targhee Fingering and High Twist DK bases. Each Advent will include a coordinating mini skein that is the same color as the "in-between stripe" - 20 grams fingering and 50 grams for DK. You will have the option to order additional minis if you think you will need more.

This year's color story inspiration is Light and Dark and will not be traditional Christmas colors. Feel free to count down to Chanukah, Solstice, your birthday, or any other special (or ordinary) day you choose!  

And let's not forget the additional goodies!! I'm working with some fantastic women owned businesses again this year to bring you some extra joy while knitting your Advent.

  • Kristen Drucker of KnittenKristen designs has designed a sock pattern for my advent! You will receive a download code for Kristen's pattern on Ravelry.com.
  • Martha at Tuft Woolens is creating a luxurious bar of wool wash to keep your knits fresh.
  • And you'll have a sweet treat from Elaine at Red Kite Candy!

If you plan to order multiple advents:  Please note that each order produces one shipping label. I am able to combine two advents into one package going to the same address. More than two will require a separate order. Thank you so much for your understanding. If you have questions, please send me an email, I'm happy to help.

For International Customers: All orders will be shipped via USPS. Please refer to the Post Office list of International Mail Suspensions to see if service is available in your area.
 I do not collect any duties/tariffs/taxes, only shipping fees.

Advents will ship late October/early November!


90% sw Targhee 10% Nylon
411 yards, 100 grams

Plus a 20 gram mini for heels/toes/cuffs/brim/etc



100% sw Merino
243 yards, 100 gr

Plus a 50 gr mini for heels/toes/cuffs/brim/etc